How to Download a Webpage for Offline Reading

It’s quite often you want to save a webpage in chrome for offline reading purposes. But you can’t be sure that you will be online all the time and you might want to read it later. So let us see why and how to save a webpage in chrome.

While saving a WebPage, you will observe only two-page types WebPage HTML and Webpage complete.

Why Save a Webpage in MHTML

WebPage HTMLThis file type will save the content only the HMTL format, it won’t be able to save the images and some dynamic formats of the WebPage.

WebPage Complete – This file type does the job well and you can save the web archive file for offline reading as it saves the whole WebPage, but it creates a folder as well along with the web page. And the folder will be containing all the individual images, CSS and Javascript, etc. and it won’t work if you delete or remove that folder.

This is where the MHTML file type comes into the picture as it creates a single file along with all the images for using it offline. Isn’t it cool, you will the same kind of reading experience offline as well.

Isn’t it cool? as you will have the same kind of reading experience offline as well along with images and some dynamic formats.

Google Chrome supports MHTML format but you might not be able to see it in the file type. Though, you can activate it Google chrome by getting into the experimental zone. Let’s see how to get this done.

Enable MHTML Feature in Google Chrome

Step 1. Open a tab in Google Chrome and paste the following URL below and Hit Enter.


you would be able to see all the experimental features of Google Chrome, few might be enabled while won’t be. Here you want to enable Save Page as MHTML. In order to do that,

Step 2. CTRL + F and input Save Page as MHTML and hit the Enter key to find it from the page.

Save Page as MHTML

Step 3. Once found, Click on Enable if it is disabled.

Now, you are done with it and the option will be enabled. You need to restart Google Chrome now to make changes to effect.

How To Save a Webpage in Chrome for Offline Reading

Open Google Chrome and the WebPage which you want to save.

Step 1. Click on the three dots from the right top corner of chrome and navigate towards the More toolsSave Page As

A window will prompt asking to save the WebPage.

Save Webpage

Step 2. Now you will be able to see the Webpage, Single File. Click on that and choose the desired location to save your file.

And now you can enjoy the same reading online experience offline as well.

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