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Linkedin Pronounciation

How To Add Your Name Pronunciation on Your Linkedin Profile

Now you can easily record and Display Your Name Pronunciation on Your Linkedin Profile. It’ an interesting feature. Linkedin has a large audience from several counties and not everyone can pronounce your name correctly. Which completely makes sense. This is

best pc games

13 Best PC Games of all Time

There are many great PC games out there, so it really depends on what you’re looking for in a game. Here are some of the most popular and highly-rated games across various genres: Apex Legends Respawn controlled to hit a

best baseball game apps

13 Best baseball game apps for Android Devices

Looking for the best baseball game apps to play on the go? The popularity of baseball apps is increasing. The apps of these sports games allow one to immerse deeply into the chaos and tension of a game with its

Best Google Docs Alternatives

12 Best Google Docs Alternatives to Make Work Easier

If one would like to work online, they must have already aware of Google Docs for sure. In the busy schedule, we all like to work on the go. And fortunately, as the content consumption is increasing on portable devices.

secure facebook account

How To Secure Facebook Account From Getting Hacked

My Facebook Has Been Hacked! How depressing it would be saying that. we all are aware of the Facebook popularity, almost every internet user has an account. We all use to hang out on Facebook at least once in a

Create Mail Merge In Gmail

Create Mail Merge In Gmail to Send Mass Emails

Mail Merge Gmail is one of the coolest Add-on I have used so far. The reason I am saying this because it allows you to send emails directly through Google Spreadsheets. Can you believe it, Google Spreadsheet which is most

multiple twitter accounts with one email

How To Create Multiple Twitter Accounts with one Email

Most of the time one account could not be sufficient for most people who want to keep their professional and personal life separate, like me. So here we are going to tell you how to create multiple Twitter accounts with one email

Games like pubg

Best Mobile Games Like PubG to Play: PubG Banned

It’s understandable to look for games like PubG because now it has been banned by the Indian government along with the other 118 Chinese apps. You might have already come across the news of the PubG ban in India through