12 Best Google Docs Alternatives to Make Work Easier

If one would like to work online, one must already be aware of Google Docs for sure.

In our busy schedule, we all like to work on the go. Fortunately, content consumption is increasing on portable devices.

Tools like Google Docs come in very handy in creating content and collaborating with others to work on the same simultaneously.

It’s not just Google Docs, even Google Spreadsheets and Google Slides are also pretty famous in this regard.

Although, Google Docs is one of the popular tools for drafting content online.

But, if one is fed up with using Google Docs, then here, are some other alternatives to Google Docs available, with similar or even better functionality which one can consider.

Looking for the best Google Docs alternatives?

Best Free Alternatives to Google Docs

There are similarly very powerful tools like Google Docs, in fact even better ones that you might want to try out.

Those are,

Microsoft Word online

Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft Word Online is one of the first and best alternatives for Google Docs. If one does not want to indulge in any such platforms that require topmost attention Microsoft Word online is the best choice for them. The user can use it very easily, and also, one can get available to many documents as well.

Some of the important features that are offered to you when you are using Microsoft Word online are:

  • This is available with an editing toolbar, which is the best to consider because you can modify your document as per your requirements.
  • All the documents you have created will get saved in one drive account.
  • It will also allow you to get access to Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.
  • This is available free of cost, and there is no need for you to pay even a single penny for the same.
  • If you want to prepare multiple documents and store them in the same place, the same option is also available.

Price: Free


Bit Ai Docs

Bit.AI is considered to be the best tool that is designed for higher team productivity and also to let them collaborate instead of keeping the documents. If you are new to it, then in the starting, a catalog is available through which you can choose your favorite template, or if you want, you can go for a custom one as well.

Some advanced features of this Google Docs alternative are:

  • This is more flexible as compared to Google Docs.
  • The users who are invited to collaborate can be controlled by the admins, and they can also keep an eye on the activities performed.
  • One can collaborations on documents cleanly.
  • If one wants to cigarette the documents, the same option is also available.
  • There is no need for you to get available to user storage space to use this alternative.
  • Bit.AI is available with a freemium plan.

Price: Free/Paid


Coda is also among the most collaborative team planning tools available. This is not just a text editor, but it also that you get available multiple options. When you are new to it, you will find out the options through which you can add multiple elements in the form of graphs, videos, tables, etc. Within a single document, you can perform all these operations easily. Also, this will let you start a new task, or you can also tag team members about whom you are talking. For the same, you just need to type @

Some additional features of Coda are:

  • All the editing tools are available in the editing toolbar on the top.
  • You will be able to get available with more productive and synchronous results.
  • If you want to add any comments, the same option is also available.
  • Thousands of template option is available through which you can choose one and get the task done easily.

Price: Free / Paid

Graphite Docs

If one is looking forward to the block-chain-based text editor, then graphite docs are the best choice for them. It will let you invite multiple collaborators easily. This is very simple to use, and you just need to understand the procedure you are supposed to follow. It is available with interactive design elements, which make the use of these alternatives very easy.

Some other alternatives included in this alternative which makes it different from others are:

  • Graphite Docs offers you the option of a file vault. In this option, you can store your multiple documents with some encrypted keys. Your document will be protected, and no one can get access to it.
  • It also offers you security on other applications, including Google docs and the installed applications on your phone.
  • If you want to share any document, you can share it directly through public links, or you can share the same with the contacts available.
  • It provides you access to basic sheets as well.

Price: Free



If one is looking forward to a tool that will provide them with online collaboration and editing based on LibreOffice, then Collabora is the best choice for them. The available editing tools in all Collabora are similar to MS Office style layout. There is no need for you to understand any hard and fast rules to use this.

Some more advanced features Collabora offers are:

  • This lets you get available with the ability to add documents wherever required.
  • A full-fledged editing toolbar is available, which will help you to edit the document as required.
  • Collabora is available in server-based and cloud-best options.
  • An Internet connection is a must to use Collabora freely.
  • This is available with some extensive sharing options as well.

Price: Free / Paid



Cryptpad is one of the easy-to-use online applications available when one is looking forward to a Google Docs alternative. This is available in some popular formats which are enhanced with rich text documents and presentations as well.

Some more advanced features of CryptPad are:

  • There is no need for a user to sign up when he wants to create an online document.
  • The editing toolbar option available is so advanced that the user will love to do editing by using this application.
  • The color scheme available also seems familiar to the user.
  • If one is looking forward to sharing the document, he can share the same with others through a link or embed them through the online block or article.
  • If one wants to chat with the other one, the same option is also available, while one is using this application like the Google docs alternative.

Price: Free / Paid

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is also considered to be one of the biggest alternatives available. This software is designed for all those who are dealing with a company and want some advanced features available. Additional features that make this alternative one of the considered choices by the user will surprise you to an extent.

All these additional features are:-

  • One can use this in the online and offline format both as per their requirement.
  • If one is looking forward to doing any editing on another page the same will automatically get synced with it.
  • You can create separate folders on your PC and link them with Zoho Docs.
  • This application offers a user with multiple options that are not available in the Google Docs alternative. One can easily create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • This is one of the software that can be needed by everyone who is in business.

Price: Free / Paid

Paper by Dropbox

DropBox Paper

This is one of the simplest and most amazing collaborative editing tools available. If one is using paper by Dropbox, they will not go to install any other application on their phone or their PC. The best part about using this application is that it will let you access available spreadsheets, pictures, and links to the files you have created. You can tag others by using this platform that is available on Dropbox.

Some additional features available to you by a paper by Dropbox are:

  • If you want to add any comment to the document you have created, the same option is also available.
  • It offers the option to-do list, calendar timelines, and blocks of code, which you can use in tables, media, and Dropbox files.
  • If you want to make any notes or plans you can easily make it by using this and also if you want to share it the same option is available.
  • This will not create any weight on your device. This is the lightest option available.

Only office

Only Office

Only office is also the best chest to consider when one is looking forward to a Google document alternative. All the average editing and collaboration tools are available which offer you a user-friendly interface. There is no need for a user to understand any history to use this application. In the starting 30 days, there is no need for a user to pay even a single penny but after that, a user is supposed to pay some amount. One can use this for small to medium businesses and also for personal use as well.

Some of the other features of the only office are:

  • One can easily create spreadsheets, documents, and presentations with the help of the only office.
  • If you want to add any comment to the document the same option is also available.
  • A live chat option on a document is also available.
  • While you are working on a document there is an option available in between you can switch to different apps while working.
  • If you want to attach the cloud storage account with the only office the same option is also available.
  • You can save your work on a single platform.



Quip is also one of the best alternatives available, Unlike Google Docs. If one wants to use a platform that will offer them a robust collaboration option, then Quip is the right choice for them. The interface available to you by Quip is very intuitive and collaborative. You can use this on any device like smartphones, PCs, or tablets, and this will work based on them.

Other features that are available to you by quip are:

  • The documents you are creating come up with a chat option. You can do live chat easily and discuss the document as well. If you want to edit the documents both offline and offline, the option is available. You can choose any as per your requirements.
  • If you want to make any changes to the saved document, the same option is also available.
  • You can create documents easily and edit them as well. You can use them to write some quick post articles and documents which do not require any formatting.
  • The reason why people are considering Quip over others is that it will provide you the ability to sync across all devices.



Nuclino is also one of the platforms available, which one can consider when he is looking forward to Google Docs’ alternative. This is the best to consider when one wants something for technical documentation. This is available with certain editing options that one can use to make the document more informative and also to let the user understand it completely.

Some of the other features that are the part of this are:-

  • This is available with a user-friendly interface, and one can perform the task very easily.
  • It offers you fast searching, editing, and navigating options, which you can use when you have something to do.
  • This offers you the option for Cross-platform. It works on all the major platforms like IOS Android, Linux, Windows, web, and so on. If you are available with some of the specific platforms, you can use them easily.
  • You can present a document in the way you want. There is no need for you to understand any hard and fast rules to use this platform.

Zoho writer

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is also considered to be one of the advanced platforms available for Google Docs alternative. If one wants to get available with all the options available on a single platform, then this is the right choice for them. You can prepare your documents and edit them in the manner you want. There is no need for you to understand any particular procedure for doing the same. This is available in a user-friendly manner and lets a user complete the task effectively and efficiently.

Some of the other features which are offered to you by Zoho Writer are:

  • This provides you with the option for collaboration.
  • If you want to chat online, the same option is available.
  • If you want to make your document advanced with advanced enhancing and editing features, the same option is also available.
  • You can understand the interface easily and there is no need for you to learn any particular software or details.


These are some of the best Google Docs alternatives available which one can use.

If you want to get available with some advanced features, then this is the best choice for you to consider.

Also, the best part about considering these platforms is that there is no need for you to go through any additional software.

All these are available online, which will help you to use them in a user-friendly manner.

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    I use Google Docs on a daily basis, but sometimes I feel like this tool lacks a bit of functionality. After going through your post I found so many alternatives that I can’t wait to try out. I never would have guessed that there were so many options out there. I was specifically interested in CryptPad and Bit.AI. I will be trying these alternatives out to see if any of them are better than Google Docs. Thanks for curating this post, it was a great read!

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