13 Best baseball game apps for Android Devices

Looking for the best baseball game apps to play on the go? The popularity of baseball apps is increasing. The apps of these sports games allow one to immerse deeply into the chaos and tension of a game with its competitive and exciting atmosphere, when effort and luck should coincide to win.

Since baseball is a game that is very engaging, it still remains interesting even when played on your phone. Therefore, it’s now time to get you some of the best baseball game apps!

Top Baseball Game Apps For Android


Would you like a game with amazing graphics and action-packed gameplay? This app has everything you need. The most realistic looking app on the market, this is not your first choice if you prefer your games to look realistic, but it is most certainly the one with the most enjoyable gameplay among all baseball games.

This game has the advantage of being convenient and versatile because it lets you choose if you want to have a half-automatic or a fully manual control system. The game even allows for game-based switching. Apart from that, you can also create your own team, train them, and win competitions!

Super Hit Baseball

Super Hit Baseball is a simple app without any fancy graphics and is designed to be lightweight. Basically, if you desire some free time, an opportunity to unplug, and baseball game at the same time, this is the game for you.

One interesting aspect of this game is that as you progress you are able to unlock more new players. The game allows you to unlock not only new players, but also new stadiums as well. A game’s mission is simple – win games and take home an iconic championship. Again, participate in an opponent ladder and win prizes!

MLB 9 Innings 20

Several players have already described their preference for graphics that are as close to reality as possible. Like a baseball movie or something, this game is like that – you can feel like you’re there.

Additionally, the players you will find here do exist in real life. These are simply virtual variations of them. Even baseball players who consider themselves to not be video game lovers will enjoy this game. During the whole game you will perform club missions, earn more points, and win the grand prize at the end.

MLB.com Home Run Derby

The MLB.com website presents Home Run Derby 16, another cool baseball game. It allows you to participate in derby s at the famous derby theme parks of the world.

You can choose from three different modes of play. Multiplayer, in which you can meet other players who share the same interests. A simple arcade game has been included, which is quite simple one-player game – you just run and hit targets. The last of them plays against Al. Enjoy the game’s most popular mode now!

MLB.com Live Drive

The latest baseball news from MLB.com. A game that is exciting, fun, and very playable. You’ll get to play through a variety of levels, including awesome ballparks and bonuses such as colliding into cars, airplanes, and even spacecraft! Additional scores will provide you with these bonuses. In order to do this, home runs can be smashed outside the playing field and into the city.

The physics on the game are implemented in such a way that all the laws of physics are in effect, which is useful to know since the experience feels very much like playing a real game. Simply put, if you want to play an amazing baseball game, download Live Drive now!

9 Innings 20

Free baseball games like 9 Innings 20 are to come. Playing baseball on the game is possible. To construct your team, you must collect player cards.

It comes with 30 MLB baseball parks, 800 players, and decent graphics. The mechanics are somewhat simple and the game makes more use of luck and randomness than we expected from a sports game.

Although it is a fun little time waster game for those who don’t mind being unrealistic. It’s also in development and should boast some new players and rosters that are relatively current.

Homerun Battle 2

The freemium game Homerun Battle 2 is one of the most popular in the genre. It’s also not too bad. Besides six game types, options for customizing characters and simple mechanics, it includes social gaming functions, as well.

I thought the graphics were a little cartoonish. Although they are definitely in the arcade style, they do go well with the game. While the various game modes hold the game’s interest, and it’s quite social, you’ll find that the social aspect works quite well.

While it can be entertaining for short periods of time, the free-to-play mechanics aren’t as much as they ought to be for this game to be considered any better than a time waster.

Real Baseball 3D

This baseball game has plenty of social features, so you can play with people from all over the world who share the same interests as you. Despite its six modes, the game includes a lot of levels. For instance, in one of them you can compete against a random player.

The first thing you do is select your character and customize it. Additionally, you are able to select your stadium. Choosing Homerun Battle is the right decision if you are looking for a game with lots of interaction.

Beginning with character creation, you may choose your character. Additionally, you are able to select your stadium. Choosing Homerun Battle is the right decision if you are looking for a game with lots of interaction.

Tap Sports Baseball 2020

It’s a series of free baseball games you can play at Tap Sports. It seems like the release of a new release happens every year.

With this game you can play current baseball rosters, enjoy decent graphics, and more. Besides tournaments, the game has social gaming features, online PvP with multiple players, and the feature of customizing your team.

Obviously, this is a freemium game, so don’t get too excited. The game has some of the same limitations as other free to play baseball games. As Glu likes to release each game independently, the 2021 version should be released this year.

Fantasy Baseball

Baseball fantasy is a popular and easy way for baseball fans to enjoy the game. There isn’t much difference between fantasy baseball and everyday baseball, and it hasn’t changed that much since the early 2000s.

A fantasy league requires you to draft a team, trade players, sign free agents, and create rosters in order to determine which team is the best. There are a number of good gaming websites, and most of those websites offer apps.

The three most popular options are Yahoo Fantasy Sports, ESPN’s fantasy sports platform, and CBS Fantasy Sports. They are all free to play. The paid fantasy apps, such as FanDuel, may not be appropriate for everyone, so use them at your own risk.

Baseball is a great sport and this is a great way to get even more into the wonderful game.

BIG WIN Baseball

Your dreams have been waiting for you – come on to the plate now! Use the same moves, techniques, and amazing strikes you would see in real baseball games.

The league of your dreams is within your reach with BIG WIN Baseball. It will be crushing blows that will force their opponents from all over the world to retreat. You only improve as you play each game, thus enhancing your ability to win the Daily Pennant and the main game.

The options available to players are Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Through passing cards, players and teams enhance their qualifications.

Graphics on this application are of very high quality: the player can be drawn individually and the position of each player can be tracked. As well as the animation, the movement of the characters looks quite realistic.

Bring your team to the finals to prove that going the distance is what you love about baseball.

Baseball Star

You will surely love this game as well if you liked the first one on our list. The graphics of these games are similar, but their gameplay is very different.

There is also a difference between the plots of the two games. It is here where you have to form your own team and compete against others.

All the positions of the players will appear on four different screens while you play.

If the time comes to take action, you click on the screen with the players you require. Fun and excitement are created by this element. In addition, it does not require an Internet connection.

RBI Baseball

Mlb.com has yet again released one. This game app for baseball fans is classic. You’ll find everything you need here to enjoy a baseball game.

By selecting the best baseball players, you can assemble a team that constantly wins games and goes through seasons, trying to achieve your goal. You can explore each of these ballparks just like in other MLB games, so you can have fun just by looking at them.

The game has been drastically changed and improved (compared to previous versions) – there are new moves and improved graphics. This is the ultimate application for fans of real baseball to play it on their own, according to the new rules out there.

These are the best baseball game apps for both android and iOS according to me. Did I missed any of your favorite baseball app here, let us know.


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