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Best Mobile Games Like PubG to Play: PubG Banned

It’s understandable to look for games like PubG because now it has been banned by the Indian government along with the other 118 Chinese apps. You might have already come across the news of the PubG ban in India through

WhatsApp Encryption

What is Whatsapp Encryption

Let’s know about Encryption one of the latest features in WhatsApp. WhatsApp security matters right, let’s understand it What are the uses of Encryption We can be safe with our chat messages which we exchange while chatting with our family or loved ones.

How Android Application Can Profitable For Business

How An Android Application Can Be Profitable For Your Business

The number of android applications in play store keeps increasing. The number has crossed 2.7 million applications, and this is after only accounting the applications available on the play store. There are several other applications, which are not directly made

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Critical Tips That Boost Your Game Application Downloads

We are living in the world, where applications are ruling us and our lives have turned into a hustle-bustle schedule. In this hectic agenda, the game application plays an imperative role in our lives and helps us to refresh our