View Hidden Password

View Hidden Password in Browsers Behind Asterisks

We have a habit of hitting the “Remember me” button when the browser prompts asking for it, which is definitely an ease login method, thanks to all the browsers. Almost every browser has this feature. Generally, we used to have a lot of

How To Enable Parental Control In Google Chrome

How to block inappropriate websites on Google Chrome? This is a very common question for every parent. As we all know every question has an answer. Enable parental control and get rid of worrying. Enable Parental Control In Google Chrome

Maxthon Settings

How To Disable Notifications in Maxthon Browser

This browser is a continuously updated browser with newly added features. Despite the additions in its function, it is quite light and competing well with the already well established and popular browsers. That is the reason it is in the best

Opera settings

How To Disable Notifications in Opera Browser

Opera is one of the browsers which is lite, fast and elegant in looks, To disable notifications in Opera, Step 1. Open your browser and Click on the gear icon (settings) at the right corner. Step 2. Then Click on Go

How To Disable Web Notifications in Google Chrome

Chrome is a very popular browser because of its exceptional performance and probably the most used browser around the world. In Chrome, we can quickly stop notifications for the website we would like to. Step 1. Open Chrome and click

Disable Notifications in Firefox Browser

How To Disable Web Notifications in Firefox Browser

Browser push notifications can be really annoying at times when we looking or browsing something really seriously. In that case, it’s not a bad thought at all to disable web notifications. Most of the users want to get rid of

How to remove virus browsers

How to Remove Virus From Browsers

As Internet users grow, new viruses too!! Heard of the new one What is Virus It is a browser hijacker or a new redirect virus. Which comes from these free software your download over the internet. And without

Restart Google Chrome

How To Restart Google Chrome Quickly With Bookmark

Google Chrome is the browser which we can find on almost every PC. Because it is light and fast and many good Add-on are also provided in the Chrome Web Store with the quick and easy installation. And that makes