How to Remove Virus From Browsers

As Internet users grow, new viruses too!!

Heard of the new one

What is Virus

It is a browser hijacker or a new redirect virus. Which comes from these free software your download over the internet.

How to remove waaavetab com virus

And without letting you know quietly and silently it does the job in the backend. So now the situation is you have downloaded the software but without a disclosure other software. In fact, unknowingly you have downloaded and installed viruses too.

How annoying could it be?

This happened because the primary software which you have downloaded, haven’t made any disclosure that some other software too will get installed along with it.

How to know that got installed

Some quick ways to detect it are following

  • Your Web browser’s default homepage would be changed, which most of the people set it to Google search engine.
  • Changes the New Tab functionality, search page gets change
  • It creates the search box of their own replacing yours
  • It loads with an existing extension or creates its own which a user cannot detect(loading of the web browser will effect).

How to stay away from virus

Every internet user has an urge of downloading some new software to get the work done quite frequently.

Isn’t it? But while downloading you can take care of few steps to avoid inviting the virus.

  • While downloading, look for the renowned websites.
  • Avoid a few .exe installers, unless it from a well-reputed website.
  • While installing always switch to Custom Installation and install the required one, not the virus. As a bundle pack contains such viruses, can harm your PC and your private data.

Note: If you don’t trust don’t install.

So now this is about prevention, what about the removal of the virus if you have already installed it. Follow the below steps to do that.

How to Remove virus already installed

In order to remove the virus, install Zemana AntiMalware software.

Step 1. Once installed run it, to perform a scan

Note: If a pop-up opens to allow the software to run on your PC, Click on Yes

Step 2. Once the software opens up, click on the Scan button.

Step 3. It will take few minutes to scan the malicious or viruses and produce the scan result.

Step 4. The viruses files will be displayed in the red color in the scan report, simply click on Next to remove those.

The Zemana Antimalware software will start removing all the culprits and shows then the door to go out.

Now you need to take one more step to make sure to be fully secured.

Scan the computer with Malwarebytes

Step 1. Download and install Malwarebytes

Step 2. Once opened hit the Scan Button.

Step 3. Once the Report of scanned viruses are shown, Select all and Hit the Quarantine selected button

This will quarantine all the bad guys including the registry keys. So that the threat should be finished from the roots.

Step 4. Now Close the MalwareBytes Program, and restart your computer.

Final Step: Scan your computer with Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

Step 1. download and install Malwarebytes Adwclearner

Step 2. Once installed right-click on the shortcut icon and Run as Administrator.

Step 3. This will open up the program, and hit the Scan button.

It will take a while to scan again and the report will be there with few detections.

Step 4. Finally, click on the Clean button. You can also check the detected files by clicking on the LogFile Button.

Yay…. you are finally done and now your PC is virus-free.

Step 5. click on Ok to restart your PC

Final Words: If you want to be completely infection-free, you need to follow the entire process. Because viruses spread out in many ways in the machine.

As you have seen the process of removal of was quite lengthy, so precaution is better to be secure. Don’t Trust Don’t Download, even in the very urge. redirections can we really frustrating as your browser for a page and it redirects to another.

And most importantly it kills the browser speed completely.

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