How To Convert a Word Document into PDF

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Exchanging  PDF through email is the best way to go with, instead of sending documents as an attachment. Because a PDF file can be used to view, print, or forwarding to someone very easily.

We can also call this as an electronic image. For viewing a PDF file, it’s required to be Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader installed on the PC.

PDF files are quite popular for exchanging data over emails. These days everyone prefers to do so.

Now the questions arise when we already have a document file which can also be viewed and print instantly, then why to use a PDF.

Let us see few examples of why PDF is being preferred over the document.

Why Convert a Word Document to PDF

Why we require a PDF file to be sent when we already have a word document, which can we exchange through email easily.

So this question is common and will come to anyone’s mind. So let us get this thing cleared once and forever.

For an instance assume we have created a detailed document in MS Word 2017 putting a lot of effort and want to send the same to your boss or client, and the receiver also is too eager for your email attached with the same.

But the receiver has some older version of MS Word installed on their computer. Then they will not be able to open it. So in that case, we can understand the situation very well, let us not getting into it.

Then they will not be able to open it. So in that case, we can understand the situation very well, let us not getting into it.

But whereas if you convert the same document file into a PDF, then the receiver would be able to open the same from any version of Adobe Reader installed on their PC.

And your efforts will be delivered. And moreover, a PDF file looks much professional as well.

Let us take one more example if we want to send a document in some other language apart from English.

And the receiver doesn’t have the same fonts installed on their PC, then they will not be able to read out that document.

whereas if we convert the same document into PDF, they can easily read it in the same language as it is sent with the help of Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader or any other similar third-party software.

How to Convert a Word Document to PDF Online

This process is quite simple, if you want to convert the document online and can be done instantly. There will be several sites if we search in Google Search Engine. Here we will look at one PDF Converter. Go through this link here   Once Opened the link, we would be able to find few button options.

PDF Creator

1.Select File or URL – Click on the “Select File” button and browse to document file from your local drive, which is likely to get converted into PDF.

And we can select URL if we have wanted to convert a document that is saved on the web or in cloud services.

As these days we have plenty of documents in the cloud services as well like Google Drive and DropBox is the popular one.

2. Convert to – By default it would be PDF itself, so we do not have to make any changes as we want to convert the document file in PDF here.

Some more formats would be there in which we can convert a document into like PNG Image, JPG Image, TIFF Image, etc.

Selecting these formats, the document will be converted into an image file. So here we have plenty of formats, in which we can convert a file into.

3. Covert – Click on the Convert button to initiate the converting process. Once done our document file will be converted and downloaded in a few seconds. And would be ready to use for sending emails.   We can convert files offline as well. If the conversion process is done often then it’s highly recommended to download an offline version and install it on the PC.

So that the conversion process can be done without the internet as well. We can get several offline version over search engines.

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