How An Android Application Can Be Profitable For Your Business

The number of android applications in play store keeps increasing.

The number has crossed 2.7 million applications, and this is after only accounting the applications available on the play store.

There are several other applications, which are not directly made available at the store.

To make it short, android app development has been majorly popular recently.

Wave of Android Application for Businesses

Developers have started opting for android app development, due to the increased demand of these applications.

Android provides flexibility in the app development process, with its open-source nature and various APIs.

Moreover, android powers most of the modern smartphones. It has a whopping 76.03% market share, beating iOS by a great margin.

Popularity of Android Applications

People are greatly familiar with android as a mobile operating system and with Google always offering new updates, it is not surprising to see the growth of this platform.

Moreover, with increased availability and reduced price of smartphones in the last 2-3 years,

Ease of Development

Android has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Moreover, Android applications can be developed by anyone who is well-versed with Java.

While C and C++ can also be used through Android studio, it is not recommended by Google. IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) have also simplified the process of developing Android applications.

They can be developed at minimal cost, but offer a variety of benefits.

We spend most of our times on phone, using a number of Android applications for various tasks. This has paved the way for various small-scale businesses and have brought forward an opportunity like never before.

A Better Experience for Users

For businesses, android applications can prove to be extremely beneficial. An application allows the person to experience your services more intuitively.

Moreover, the cost to design an app has reduced significantly in the past 2-3 years.

Android apps are often more responsive and provide a better interface to the user than normal websites.

They are made to accommodate smaller and more compact screens, which provides a better user experience.

Basic Advantages of Android App

If you already have a desktop application for your users, having a mobile counterpart can offer various advantages.

While a desktop can only be used when you are at home or work, you have your mobile at all the times.

With the use of an android application, you can put more convenience at your user’s hands.

They can use your services and contact you easily through the android application. This can help you retain existing customers, while also getting new ones.

Make you business profitable with Android App

With the use of the right applications and tools, you can easily configure a powerful application.

Moreover, you can introduce discounts or deals for people that install your application. This is a powerful marketing tool.

You can even provide free services through the application for a limited period of time and see how your customer base improved.

Any update or latest information can also be updated on the application for the users to see.

Advantages Of Having An Android Application

There are a number of advantages of putting your application in the play store, these are as follows:

  • Play store is the largest app store in the world, with over 2.7 million applications. Thousands of users visit the site daily for download and updating applications. By putting your app on the play store, you are putting yourself in front of all these users.
  • Having your application on the play store automatically makes you trustworthy. Being on the app store means that your application is up-to-the-mark and virus-free.
  • Pushing updates to the user is made easier, as you don’t have to prompt your users yourself. Play store sends an update notification whenever a new version is rolled out and you can also mention the changes in each update.

As more and more development companies are coming up, the cost to design an app has significantly reduced.

However, it is important that you select a company that, such as Reinvently, is reliable and has a great team of developers to bring justice to your application.

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