10 Best Tech support Forums to Fix Computer Issues

It is quite usual we all came across few Computer issues. So here are the solution some Best Tech support Forums which works great and quick.

We go through plenty of workarounds and try to troubleshoot but nothing works. But, we ignore to check some online for computer troubleshooting websites.

You can do online troubleshooting of computers by following these awesome websites.

How do you troubleshoot Computer Problems by yourself?

All you need to put the issue in the search box, and it will give several results with some decent solutions. This does solve the issue, and if you still won’t be able to rectify the issue, sign up and post a query.

The experts are always there to help you. Make sure you are putting your query with complete details to avoid confusion.

So here we are going to list a few Best Tech support Forums and Troubleshooting Computer Issues websites which going to help you rectifying all the technical issues.


It is a cool website to get solutions for your computer troubleshooting issues. Plenty of experts can guide you thoroughly for fixing computer problems.

As there is a high number of visitors, so the chance is quite to get the response quickly. I always prefer this to solve any issue. This is one of the best tech support forums according to me.


It is one of the best tech websites which has loads of articles related to troubleshooting, hardware, Android-related articles which can be very useful in the maximize your device’s performance.

Reviews on various gadgets can also be seen and at the same time Forum on the menu. And there you can post all your queries by hitting the Ask a Question button. And the Forum is divided into several categories to ease the procedure.


This looks very simple which enhances the user experience more with no ads in it. But you can find all the solutions here.

Tech experts are ready to reply to the questions. You one question will get several solutions within a small span of time so that you can easily do the troubleshooting of the issue of the computers or any other devices as well.

And not only the troubleshooting issues, but you can also even ask for some suggestions for what devices to buy if you are into some kind of dilemma.

The techies will suggest to you what and why to buy. So it’s a good place for even those people who are planning to buy PC, laptops, Tablets, Phones, etc.


This is one of my favorite website, here you might not be able to find the forum, but you can always make use of the search box for the troubleshooting issue.

As Lifehacker has tons of articles, you would definitely find many which will help you fix the issues.

It is a great website, where you can find articles from several useful categories. Which can keep you updated and enhance your knowledge more?


If you are in a hurry, this awesome tech website is for you. Why, because they provide to the point article, which can quickly be a big help to rectify the issues.

It is one more lightweight and amongst some computer help sites with an immense number of useful articles. They are very precise with the topic which results in solving your issue as quickly as possible.


TechGuy is a Forum, where you find many registered users, so don’t go with the name, it’s not one guy, there are several techies who are happy to help the issues ASAP.

It is a clean looking forum, solution for the problem of your gadget are available.


It is one more interesting tech website which includes several other kinds of articles as well.

LifeWire has a lot of popularity and is a great online troubleshooting site, again here you can use the search box to get the solution to your problem. Several articles are being updated every day of different topics.

It helped me always whenever I ran into an issue.


It helps techies in all the possible ways, to troubleshoot the issues and as well as here a download section is also available. Where you can make downloads for free.

The download categories are Adware and Spyware removal, Audio and video related software’s, Antiviruses software’s, Book Disk related, disk Enhancements, File and disk management, File Compression, Graphics Utilities, Image Editing, Network Utilities, Optimizer, and Diagnostics, System Utilities.

These all can be a big help to troubleshoot and fix all the computer problems with ease.


The name itself resembles it perfect that you would be able to find all the tech-related articles over there.

You can also access the forum from the menu section and post your queries, in case you haven’t got it from the existing articles.

Geeks are there to help you always.


This is an awesome website, which concentrates more articles on solving PC related issues.

It is available for several countries like USA, UK, Australia, Benelux, France, Greece, India, Portugal, Russia, etc.

It could be helpful and one best computer troubleshooting websites.


Above all tech support websites, the list can not only be used for fixing the issues but also those are the best websites to learn computer troubleshooting for free.

If you want to choose IT as a career, the above list will be extremely useful.

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