Add Value To Your Resume With Cisco Certifications

The most important requirements for most IT jobs are skills and experience. Skills are earned through a training program, while experience involves hands-on training. Obtaining a certification from Cisco will set you up for success in this field.

What is Cisco Certification?

Cisco offers a variety of certifications for professionals already working in the IT industry who want to improve their skills without having to go back to school. A certification secures your job in the industry as the market is growing 12 times faster than the overall job market, according to Cisco.

Once you identify the right Cisco certification for you, you can choose which kind of training that suits your budget, work schedule, and lifestyle. When you’re ready, you can register for a proctored exam at a location that fits with your schedule. The most popular jobs that you can get with certification include:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Sr. Network Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Information Technology (IT) Director
  • Information Technology (IT) Manager
  • Systems Engineer (Computer Networking/IT)

Why It’s More Than Just a Certificate

It’s much more than a certificate that you can use on your resume. Most people assume that they’re just getting a certificate. But there’s a difference between obtaining a certificate and obtaining certification. A certificate is a piece of paper while certification is proof of your knowledge and skills in a specific area.

You can’t rely on the piece of paper to do the work for you though. You have to be able to demonstrate the skills and experience you earned on the job. Employers want to make sure you’re not lying on your resume.

Complete a training program helps you achieve your career goals of becoming a network professional. To obtain certification, you must have the knowledge and skills to pass the certification exam. The certification is more important than a certificate since it demonstrates the experience and knowledge you gained in the program.

Why It’s Important to Have Cisco Certification

There are so many reasons why it’s important to get the certification. It improves your resume as it increases your job opportunities. Once you earned your certification, you can boost your resume and improve your employment opportunities. You’re more likely to be hired with a certification than without one.

It also opens the door for other jobs you’re interested in. Maybe you’re someone who’s interested in sales or networking. With a certification, you can seek other careers that you’re interested in. Your certification is the perfect prerequisite for other certifications with Cisco.

How Will Certification Will Improve Your Resume

Having a certification will demonstrate your skills and will also show how committed you are to your career. Employers prefer people in the IT field to be certified. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, network and computer system administrators should see a rapid employment growth of 12% from 2012 to 2022. As of May 2012, these IT professionals earned an annual income of $76,320. Not only does certification open you up to new opportunities, but it also boosts your income.

Certification can help you stand out among others in the industry. It’s more than just a piece of paper. It can give your career a boost and open you up to more opportunities than you ever imagined.

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