How To Install External Add On in Google Sheets

Google Spreadsheet really has great integrated features in it, which makes the work really simple and faster.

Working on Google Spreadsheet won’t make you feel stressed at all, it’s very user-friendly and efficient and does its job smoothly.

A lot of functions can be used in it, to automize the spreadsheet and get the reports done very efficiently. As all the statistics would be segregated according to the requirement and moreover accurately.
So no more worries, when the bosses ask for quick reports. As apart from the spreadsheet’s great features, we all have the support of Add-ons.

Google keeps on adding tons of new Add-On continuously.

Every time I use a new Add-ons, I think what can be better than this. But Google surprises, with every new, add-on as those get better and better.

I am trying to promote Google here… haha.. !! just want to intend how it makes our work easier.

Apart from the great features, Google kept on introducing lots of Add-on, which can be used for different purposes. And those can be added to our Spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

How to get an Add-on from Google Spreadsheet

It’s quite simple to get the Add-on. As mentioned we are just a few clicks away to get this done. These Add-ons are completely user-friendly and free to be used. We don’t have to pay a single penny for those, thanks to Google for this.

Step 1. Login to your Google Drive
Step 2. Open a Google Spread Sheet
Step 3. Click on Add-ons Menu and then – Get Add-on

Google Sheet Menu

Step 4. A window will appear, then type the name of the desired Add-on in the search bar, which you want to to be get added to the Google Spreadsheet.

Google Sheet Addons

Step 5. Click on the + Free button to add it. Step 6. After clicking on the + Free button, instantly the Add-on will be getting added and will be ready to be used.

Installl Google Sheet Addons

So as we can see in the above image, the desired Add-on got added and ready to be used. In the same way, we can several Add-ons according to our requirements. Do let me know if you find any difficulty while using it or you required some detailed tutorial to use any particular Add-ons in the comment section below. Do share your experience with those.

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