How To Record Your Screen

How To Record your PC screen in Windows

There could be several reasons when we required to record the PC screen. How to Record a PC Screen with Screencastify Sometimes for creating a good tutorial to share the knowledge you have, and in some cases, you are having

Hosts windows

How To Block a website in Windows

There could be many circumstances when one would like to block a website due to their own reasons. Why Block a Website For an instance, these days kids used to be on the computer whole day, most of the parents

how to find drivers for windows

How to Find Drivers for Windows Automatically

Want to see how to find drivers for windows automatically? I know drivers problem Irritates when you don’t have it. Getting the perfect drivers online with an auto-scan is the solution to it. Got a new laptop and need drivers

set password

How To Set a Password in Windows 7

It is very important to set a password on windows, assume if you switch on your laptop or desktop and it doesn’t ask for any windows startup password to show you the desktop screen. It means you are not respecting

Assign Password To Word Document

How To Password Protect a Word Document for Security

We create several reports which we share with many fellows and colleagues. But not all the documents are professional, it is important to enabling Microsoft Office password protection for your Word documents as it might contain some valuable and private

Extract Images from PowerPoint

How To Extract Images from PowerPoint Presentation

It happens most of the time when we create presentation files for office meet and any purpose and realize to make some editing later on, but you don’t have the source files (images). How depressing it would be, and moreover

How To Change Administrator in Windows

How To Change Administrator in Windows: 2 Ways Step by Step

By default, the first user always becomes the Administrator on Windows. They have full access to the computer, from changing settings to installing new software. Windows allows two types of users, “Administrator “and “Standard.”As mentioned above the administrator has the

How to Change Boot Order or Sequence in BIOS

You have something to install from the other hard drive and want to know how to change boot order, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to get this done. Windows makes it very handy to change the

10 Best Tech support Forums to Fix Computer Issues

It is quite usual we all came across few Computer issues. So here are the solution some Best Tech support Forums which works great and quick. We go through plenty of workarounds and try to troubleshoot but nothing works. But, we