Add Email Signature in Gmail

How to Add Email Signature in Gmail

Before creating the Email Signature, Let us know why an email signature is so essential. Gmail To set up a signature that will automatically add a few lines of the contact information or anything else (information) required to send in every

embed images from google photos

How To Embed Images From Google Photos in Website

Images and videos are being very commonly used in the website and blogs, as it adds a lot of value to the articles and a reader could connect and understand better with reading the images. So embedding some relevant images

use Google Photos

How to use Google Photos to its Best

It is not easy to manage all the photos. As our photos are used to be on different devices like, Tabs, Smartphones, etc. and we had to keep on transferring the photos to a hard disk or laptop when the

how to import data from another google sheet

How to Import Data from Another Google Sheet

Before getting into how to import one google spreadsheet into another, let us see the features of it. Google Spreadsheet is a very powerful tool. Those are commonly used for our official or personal purposes. Google sheets can be quickly and

How to Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets

How to Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets

We all know how powerful Google spreadsheet is, and simple to use. Apart from being having several features in it, there are thousands of Extensions can be added to the spreadsheet, which makes the work much easier and faster. While

send encrypted email in gmail

How To Send an Encrypted Email In Gmail

Are you looking at how you would send an Encrypted email in Gmail? Then you are in the right place? Encryption words came from a Greek word, Cryptos. It can also be said as secret or hidden. The encrypted email

PDF Creator

How To Convert a Word Document into PDF

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Exchanging  PDF through email is the best way to go with, instead of sending documents as an attachment. Because a PDF file can be used to view, print, or forwarding to someone very easily.

Filter Google Sheet

How To Create A Dropdown List In Google Sheets: No Coding

Drop Down list in Spreadsheet looks more professional. And it helps out to input some data quickly. Google Spreadsheet has an option called “data Validation” which allows us to create a decent drop-down without any coding at all. Google Sheets drop

Install Google Sheet Addons

How To Install External Add On in Google Sheets

Google Spreadsheet really has great integrated features in it, which makes the work really simple and faster. Working on Google Spreadsheet won’t make you feel stressed at all, it’s very user-friendly and efficient and does its job smoothly. A lot