Best Mobile Games Like PubG to Play: PubG Banned

It’s understandable to look for games like PubG because now it has been banned by the Indian government along with the other 118 Chinese apps.

You might have already come across the news of the PubG ban in India through social media.

PubG was a lovable game for teenagers and adults too. But, we need to respect the Indian government’s decision as it has been taken for good. No worries, you don’t have to access it with any tricks and all. As there are enough alternatives to PubG that will blow your mind.

Best PubG alternatives to Start Playing After its ban in India

There are several mobile games like PubG, but all didn’t get the same popularity. Because of one or another thing. This could be the best time to try these battle royale games.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of duty is the most popular on the list. It is not just a mobile game, it is lovable by PC and PS2 users too. The game graphics come with HD quality, though it requires having good mobile specs and fortunately, most of the recent mobile phones are good enough to handle it without any lag.

Yes, it’s a multiplayer game offering more than 100 player battlegrounds. It is addictive and you will be excited about the gaming journey.

Garena Free Fire

An awesome game that was maybe significantly more well-known than PUBG Mobile in the cell phone gaming industry, Garena Free Fire will undoubtedly be its otherworldly replacement after the boycott. The game has more than 61 million downloads up until now and executes the BR ongoing interaction rather well.

Free Fire has short matches that last around 10 minutes, with just 50 players impelled onto a guide where they battle until the very end. With normal updates and incredible substance, Free Fire is at present the lord of BR games on mobiles.


As Fortnite was removed from Apple’s App Store and PUBG restricted in India, it is the ideal opportunity for Epic to tap the Indian market. Since over 75% of Indian cell phone clients use Android, Fortnite has become enormous here. In any case, there is one thing that makes me put it in the runner-up and that is its humongous download size and similarity necessities.

Not to overlook, Fortnite has additionally been eliminated from the Play Store, yet you do have the choice to sideload the game through its store. The establishment cycle is somewhat consistent and you can figure out how to introduce Fortnite on Android without Play Store from our guide. Going to my primary grumbling, Fortnite takes around 8GB of capacity which is a major request spending on Android gadgets, particularly in India.

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Fight for Survival is some other recreation like PUBG that has been given rave opinions from the cellular gaming community. It’s a capacity PUBG opportunity that has survival as its predominant theme. The recreation has a survival mode in which you could play in opposition to 121 gamers and the final guy status wins the match.

Its surroundings have an Asian aesthetic and you’ll discover yourself at home. You can pressure a helicopter, land in new places, and face the deadly battleground to win the death match. And the sport isn’t always pretty much weapons and weapons, however, you want sharp strategic abilities like PUBG to win the round.

Here too, you’re observed through a threat region and also you want to be in the secure region to retain the sport. And the great component is that it’s well-matched with quite several Android devices. All in all, with over 50M downloads on Play Store alone, Hopeless Land is a suitable alternative for PUBG Mobile, each on Android and iOS.

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is extraordinarily just like Fortnite. We don’t forget it is a clone. It’s a first-rate clone, though. The recreation consists of a huge map with various landscapes and 100 individual matches. You can craft and damage stuff.

Additionally, you may play in 1/3 or first-individual perspectives. We notion that turned into without a doubt fun. The recreation runs extraordinarily on a few mid-variety and low-give-up phones. Additionally, it has the occasional bug. However, the reveal turned out pretty true in our testing.

These are my picks, which one do you like the most, or can add to the list?

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